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Developer's Guide

To use MapBBCode, you would have to know JavaScript, at least the basics covered in the brilliant MapBox.js Fundamentals by Tom MacWright. You should also go through Leaflet tutorials: it may turn out you don’t need MapBBCode Library, if Leaflet alone (with plugins) can satisfy your needs. After all, MapBBCode is a little more that a Leaflet and Leaflet.draw wrapper, and if you don’t need dynamic [map] bbcode, you can convert your data to a Leaflet-based HTML page with MapBBCode Share service.

The rest of this documentation will be finished in a week or two.

Quick Start

Map Editor

Shared Maps and Callbacks

Control Object

Options, Layers and Handlers

Writing a Handler

Just BBCode, Thanks

(working with MapBBCode without UI methods: processor, objectToLayer etc.)